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Sales of aerial photographs

Experience the best aerial manuscripts from over 50 global aerial photographers at euroluftbild.de, the first specialist image and video agency - specializing in all common aerial photo formats!

We have the right aerial photo or aerial video material for your idea. Whether fascinating satellite perspectives from space, prize-winning aerial photo motifs from world-famous top flight artists such as Gerhard Launer, Bernhard Edmaier, Klaus Leidorf, Europe-wide specialists such as Hans Blossey or the owner Robert Grahn and many others - they can all be quickly and easily licensed at euroluftbild.de.

Specialized applications such as infrared scans and extensive fascinating night aerial photographs from worldwide companies such as BSF Swissphoto and SCANDAT GmbH complete the well-known and used portfolio in press and media circles.

Thanks to our extensive sales network, our aerial photo material is not only represented by the world's leading agencies such as dpa, Reuters, AFP, but also by a network of local representatives.