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Aerial photographers of euroluftbild.de
© euroluftbild.de/Martin Elsen
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Aerial photographers

You are aerial photographer or video operator and fly with your aircraft in Germany, Europe and the entire world? Then you have euroluftbild.de, the operator of all popular formats aerial aerial-use database to market your aerial material in the media area just right. Today is aerialphotosearch.com almost nationwide aerial source for picture and television newsrooms in the media sector. We are swimming against the tide and with success, but we want to be even better with you.

Aerial oblique and vertical photographs and videos are not air any reproducible mass product on the market colorful pictures, but a high-flying and craftsmanship and naturally high cost-made picture journalistic service.

The now over 25 years of successful operation of the Agency euroluftbild.de confirmed us on this way ! Upload your aerial material in original resolution jpg / mp4 - data about our self-guiding sensing surface in our editing system and a few hours later your aerial are issues in global sales.

A contract for the cooperation agreement, click here.

We represented aerial journalists and aerial companies: